Hello, I'm Wendy, Quan Zhi Gao Shou fan from Russia. Some people suggested me to post my works on Lofter.
I do not speak Chinese, only Google translate, sorry.
Nice to meet you ^^
Привет, я Венди, фанат Quan Zhi Gao Shou из России. Друзья посоветовали мне выкладывать свои работы на Lofter.
Я не говорю по китайски, только Гугл переводчик, простите.
Приятно познакомиться ^^

Sorry for Russian and English language. I do not speak Chinese, only Google translate, sorry. 

Inspired by the fanon: Wei Chen has a twink - a cleric girl with a nickname The First Spring Ice Cream. She’ve never spoken into the microphone (before this time) and only adds berserkers ^^The numbers that the Changing Spring uses: 0487 - 你 是 白痴, 530 - 我 想 你

Changing Spring: ?

The First Spring Ice Cream: lalalalalalalala

Changing Spring: .

First Spring Ice Cream: lalalalalalala


Changing Spring: !

First Spring Ice Cream: lalalalalalala

Changing Spring: 0487

First Spring Ice Cream: ......

First Spring Ice Cream: ???????!!!

"Fuck your puzzles!"



??? ???

First Spring Ice Cream: damn

Changing Spring: )

The First Spring Ice Cream: ...


Changing Spring: 530

First Spring Ice Cream: bastard

First Spring Ice Cream: me too