Hello, I'm Wendy, Quan Zhi Gao Shou fan from Russia. Some friends suggested me to post my works on Lofter.
I do not speak Chinese, only Google translate, sorry.
Nice to meet you ^^
Привет, я Венди, фанат Quan Zhi Gao Shou из России. Друзья посоветовали мне выкладывать свои работы на Lofter.
Я не говорю по китайски, только Гугл переводчик, простите.
Приятно познакомиться ^^

I think, washing his hair is one of the most intimate thing you can do to a lover with your fingers (/▽\*)。o○❤

I had promised to draw it for my friend long ago))

Kiss meme. 

For  @_禾清_ who asked No 1 ("Good morning" kiss) for HANYE

Chapter 691: "Team Blue Rain had been crushed by Team Samsara in the finals. Blue River also needed some way to vent his emotions. PK war? In the minds of guild leaders like Changing Spring, this was something that would only result in injury. It was best to avoid it if possible. However, in Blue River’s heart, he wanted to participate in this unnecessary war.

There were no schemes or planning required. All he had to do was curse at Samsara and start hacking away. As a result, Blue River was very eager to fight. His original reason for taking up heavy responsibilities in the guild was to support Team Blue Rain, but he had since become tired of such work. Fighting mindlessly was an activity that he happily welcomed. He didn’t need to consider things from a long-term perspective. He didn’t need to consider the guild’s interests when he fought like this. He didn’t need to think about whether this was good or bad for the team. By releasing his pent up emotions, he could show his passionate support for the team." 

My friend reminded me of this moment in the novel, and then I thought about Boyuan, who just likes to fight, not only in the game.

Kiss meme. 发给我一个号码和一个配对 (全职高手人物),我会为你画的!

2. Kiss on the forehead for  @Puhospinka 

Kiss meme


发给我一个号码和一个配对 (全职高手人物),我会为你画的!

1. "早上好"的吻

2. 吻在额头上: 叶蓝

3. 醉酒/马虎吻

4. 尴尬的吻



7."我想你了"亲吻:   韩叶





12.吻上鼻子:  叶蓝


14.吻在脖子上:  韩叶






20. "做做"吻


♥♥ 我非常想念他们

Kiss meme

7. "I've missed you" kiss for me