Hello, I'm Wendy, Quan Zhi Gao Shou fan from Russia. Some friends suggested me to post my works on Lofter.
I do not speak Chinese, only Google translate, sorry.
Nice to meet you ^^
Привет, я Венди, фанат Quan Zhi Gao Shou из России. Друзья посоветовали мне выкладывать свои работы на Lofter.
Я не говорю по китайски, только Гугл переводчик, простите.
Приятно познакомиться ^^

I'm back to performing kiss meme.

I'm sorry that I was late with this so long. I'll try to draw all the requests as soon as possible.

No 16 (French kiss) and HANYE for 饕餮 

Just a quick sketch. My friend asked me to draw them in this pose.

This illustrations to the fic my dear friend Ayliten. There are adorable and hot hanye, a little drama and a lot of romance, and it’s just awesome, and I was very happy reading it.

If you can read in Russian here is a link to it (warning: rating R18)

ao3 (arts link)


Oh, I forgot about this sketch. And Halloween has already passed /facepalm/

I'm not sure that I will finish it. 

I tried to unload the video process in the gif. For some reason to watch myself process I like more result lol

They are rare pair, a very very very rare pair. In fact, I have not even seen any art with them except mine lol. 

These are illustrations to the amazing fic of my dear friends, here is a link to itlink to arts.

There are a mercenaries in the desert, a lot of sand, heat and romance, as well as a wedding at the end of porn novel )))

I am very sorry about so few people can read it. Maybe the stars aligned so that you: 1) read my post 2) can read in Russian 3) love military au and romance, then I advise you to read it, because it is really amazing.

I could not resist ^ω^

(and sorry for spam, I have not seen my post)

They are so utterly wonderfull. Han and Jiale wwow  ♥\( ̄▽ ̄)/♥ 

Will Zhang Jiale appear in the second season? >﹏<


"draw your OTP like this" lol

my first thought was about hanye, and I could not resist